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Active Play

 Providing children with opportunities to engage in active play has many benefits. Research has shown that children who do daily physical exercise are more able to concentrate.In Rainbow Dreams Day Nursery, we aim to make the most of the outside and ensure that children get a daily dose of fresh air. We have secure garden, with a selection of outdoor toys and equipment to keep us all busy. As we have a few parks nearby we regularly will take a walk to them as well. We suggest to parents that they provide their children with an all-in-one waterproof suit so that we can go out in all weathers. It is good and very educational for children to be out in all weathers and it helps them build up a good immune system.

Play and the Curriculum   

 The nursery recognises that play is the natural way in which children learn. It is the process through which children explore, investigate, recreate and come to understand their world. Within the nursery all children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace, by means of appropriate play activities and sensitive adult input. The nursery follows the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ and the ‘Pre-Birth to Three’ guidelines.  The Curriculum is made up of eight areas and each section has a variety of early level outcomes.  
The eight areas of the curriculum are:-  
  • Expressive Arts   
  • Health and Well-Being  
  • Literacy and English  
  • Mathematics
  • Religious and Moral Education  
  • Science Social Studies   
  • Technologies   

The Pre-Birth to Three supports children in their earliest years.  The guidance allows children to develop and learn through interaction with people and exploration of the world around them.

The four key features are:  
  • Rights of the Child  
  •  Responsive Care  
  • Relationships  
  • Respect   
To help learning in each of these key areas our staff plan activities and experiences to ensure that the children in our care receive the best quality of learning. When our staff plan they take into account the children's individual skills as well as what they have to tackle as a group.

For more information please have a look on and you will be able to find out more about the curriculum's we provide.

At our nursery, each child is 
 They are included and respected to achieve their full potential and they learn to be responsible. They are supported to participate in the decisions that affect them